Will Archos 101 fits my needs?


Feb 19, 2011
I'm a collage boy in need of a ebook reader which does more than reading.
I looked at an iPad and it was fantastic but it's too expensive for me. So I'm looking for a cheap alternative solution. I live in Greece so I don't have much choice. Archos is one of a few brands that sells here. So Let's cut to the chase.

Can Archos 101 do these things?
- read PDF files with mathematical symbols
- read PDF files with Greek language
- read PDF files with Thai language
well... basically can it read PDF files with a lot of language and symbols? :p

- browse website from around the world and still be able to read no matter what language its contents is
Apart from English I want to browse Greek, Russian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese website as well.

- Can I play youtube video embedded in web page?
- When Android 3.0 is published will it be any chance to update the device?
- What is the largest capacity of micro SD card I can use with this device?
- Can it read muti card-reader? (I just want to show my pictures to my friends but it can't read XD card doesn't it?)
- Does Skype actually work on this device? I mean can I have voice chat through Skype with Archos 101? How can I plug in a microphone? (I'm sorry if this seems to be a dumb question)
- Can I connect it through Ad-Hoc network?

Thank you