Best Market alternative for gentouch 78


Dec 19, 2010
Okay so I did some research for market alternatives and the one I found is named applanet. Applanet allows you to get everything for free. Just download and install Go to
Slide market is also a much better alternative than the default (cr)app store. With a gogle search I was able to find the .apk. It install and runs with no problems.
do you think this is better than 1 mobile market?either way i think i will try this one to.
1 mobile market is pretty good also. Although ApPlanet is very very good, but it's usually down. They have major server issues, due to it's popularity.
appbrain seems to be just linking to the market. everything i've tried to download just takes you there, not very useful
I've tried to install applanet a few times now. the direct download link is not clickable, the download under the download tab, even though I log in, tells me I don't have have permission to download it or it tells me it cannot download because the content is not supported on this phone
I haven't installed the latest version of applanet yet, but have read it should install ok if you download to your pc then transfer it to your device

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ah, it's too much of a pain to try and link this and my comp. it wants to search the net for the software, but this uses my port that I need for the wireless too, so I'll just have to pass on applanet, it does seem like a neat service though