Can anyone help me with my new MID 5XA?


Dec 31, 2010
I have just been given a MID 5XA. The second time I turned it on, it seems that the screen has frozen. I cannot turn it off by pressing the power button. How cn I re-boot or re-set; can anyone help?
I cannot turn mine off , it just says POWER OFF SHUTTING DOWN and just keeps spinning, it has been this way for 72 hours now, Philip at Merimobiles says install new firmware but doesn't tell me how, when I watch the video on there site I'm totally lost, very upset.

Please help.
Thanks battery ran out and now its fine but i do need the new firmware but i am scared that i brick it, watched the video on Merimobiles website and it looked like it will be hard to do, didn;t understand anything they were talking about.
Well the easiest thing to do would be root it and install clockwork recovery then do a nandroid backup. Then you will have a starting point to go back to

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Just push the reset buttom which is situated on the right of the memory card slot with a toothpick or a needle, the tablet turns off imedeately.