Can mywi be used with apad?


Aug 17, 2010
Please help me use mywi with my apad
Ok so here is my problem I travel a lot with my job in and out of my home so much for work I cut all my regular bills down. Then I had a guy "unlock" my iphone....Bla whatever that means but there a cool app called mywi and it uses your phone as a wifi hot spot and so I bought an apad thinking it would be easier to deal with than my notebook...... Wrong I can't get it to connect the signal please god can some1 smart help me I'm kinda eletronicly retarded... Is there anyway to do it?


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Aug 6, 2010
The application changes the iPhone into an adhoc connection not a real access point like you would find in Starbucks or similar. The following link to another thread describes how to connect to adhoc networks. BUT, it may not work on all Android builds. Just a warning. See the ones listed.It is known to work with those.
Technical level: Moderate (ie: Do not attempt unless you are not afraid of a bit of technical configuration changes)
Brick Potential:Low unless you do not follow instructions. (your friend may likely know how to understand)

Best of Luck


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Jun 30, 2010
you could also see if there is another tethering app that lets your iphone broadcast a native wireless network or you can just buy a nexus one and that will do it for you