Can someone tell me what this listing on ebay compares to on euogo or another site?


Oct 2, 2010
Yea I was wondering if it was a good one. And if it was kinda like one on one of the more popular websites?


Sep 4, 2010
It looks like the M701 with HDMI. If it's the same device, the micro SD card annoyingly sticks out halfway out of the case.

Pandawill sells it as the NuPad

Buy NuPad 7 Inch MID Android 2.1 HDMI 1080P 2GB Multi-Touch Gravity Sensor Silver compare price at

Merimobiles sells the complete package as the M701-R

APAD E7002/G10/M701-R Multitouch android 2.1 1080p HDMI OUT+Remote Control +Free Leather Case+HDMI CABLE

If you don't want HDMI, you can opt for the original M701 instead. Get two USB ports instead of USB and HDMI.

Lots of other places sell this tablet, which seems pretty popular. Disclaimer: I'm not endorsing any site in particular :D


Oct 10, 2010
Have also decided on this unit.
Looks like Merimobiles is the cheapest place to buy from: Here are my pricing comparisons:
Merimobiles: G10 Haipad $Us 169 shipping to Australia $22 show ship $34 express G10 $US 189.05 shipping $20
pandawill NuPad $US$171.99

Don't trust Ebay - :confused:
Looks like I'm getting mine from Merimobiles:



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Aug 6, 2010
My response is sorta wishy-washy but is not.
1. E-Bay may appear to have lowest price but if you do the math and comparison, they pretty much level out when you add the wide variance in shipping
2. E-Bay/PayPal force the reliability of sales as any direct seller. But you have to really press hard for refunds in the event of shipment/device failure
3. Depending upon an E-Bay seller providing decent support is a wishful guess at best. Most of the sellers are merely drop-ship purchasers
(NOTE: I have thought about doing the Drop-Ship thing, but after realizing the support nightmare if I chose the wrong tablet to sell. I was also considering how narrow of a window we have between Android versions)
4. Store Fronts (Euogo,Merimobiles, MP4 Nation, Dynamism....) range from Poor to Outstanding on Ordering and Shipping. and Very Poor to Very Good on Support.
5. Bottom line: A unit such as the ones listed above are generally the same. The real difference is the source of purchase.

There are reputable E-Bay Sellers and Sellers who I would not touch with a 10 Meter pole. I use the %99.5+ rule and preferring any vendor over 200 transactions
There are also good and poor E-Storefronts. I am not willing to name them. These have been identified in prior posts.
I can speak from experience on both E-Bay (Have sold and bought over 400 items, Not Tablets)
I also have purchased items from the usual suspects listed above as well as others.