Charging while surfing

The Don

Jan 11, 2011
Hello Fellow S7 Users,

Is it possible to leave your S7 plugged in charging while watching a long movie or extensive web surfing? I was concerned about overheating.

This is still the best device on the market and built like a tank. A true Ideos S7 lover!

The Don
I have been doing that since I got my device in October last year and have had no issues.
Thanks for the quick response. I'll leave it plugged in while watching and surfing. This is not only the best tablet device but the best tablet forum!
Thanks so Much,
The Don
Just to add, on the Huawei site they actually recommend that while playing games you have it plugged it. I treat this a lot like a PC while I am sitting by the charger I have it plugged in and then take it off when I go somewhere. I have had no problems with overheating.
Additionaly the battery is then being used most efficiently and will then give max power when taken off charge.