New version of S7 released (in Norway) today - 1Ghz, capacitive multi-touch, but 2.1


Nov 1, 2010
Just a heads-up.

Huawei today officially released/announced the upgraded version of the Ideos S7 tablet here in Norway.

The new Ideos S7 has a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU and a capacitive multi-touch capable screen.
It also has two cameras which is new for us Norwegians, as the old model sold here just had a single front-facing one.

Other than that I believe it's more or less identical to the old model.

It will "only" come shipped with Android 2.1, but it seems that the 2.2. software uppgrade we are all waiting for will be made available for both the new and the old version of the S7 (crossing my fingers) in a month or two.

Here's a Google Translate'ed version of the Norwegian press release:
(the date is wrong, should be February 9, of course - and "network/web board" is Googlish for "tablet"...)


Huawei with new network board

(Oslo, January 9, 2011) Huawei today launched a new web board in Norway. With IDEO S7 Huawei products on the market feedback and comes with a new and improved version of its popular web boards.

Huawei launched in August, as the first supplier in Norway, a separate network board. S7 was well received, but the market appeared with feedback on what could be improved.

- Huawei has since the launch of S7, had a close dialogue with consumers via Facebook and other channels. This release is a direct response to market feedback, "says Tor Slørdal, Sales Manager, Huawei Norway.

Extensive improvements

IDEO S7 is supplied with a 7 inch display with capacitive multi-touch technology. The processor has been upgraded from 800 MHz to 1 GHz. At the same time IDEO S7 now with the camera on both sides and with the Nordic languages.

- The Norwegian consumer is picky and updated. Huawei is committed to providing innovative and technology leading products to the people. It is therefore important for us to listen to the market and take the feedback seriously, "says Slørdal.

As with the previous version of this board can surf via 3G or WiFi, watch high definition video, take pictures and call with IDEO S7.

Updating the OS

IDEO Q7 will initially be available with Google Android OS 2.1, which makes it possible to use a variety of applications and have a complete mobile experience. Still, a free and easily accessible service to the Android 2.2 ready in March, for all Huaweis customers.

Continuing to challenge the award

With this launch expands Huawei IDEO family to include this board. Although IDEO S7 is heavily updated from the previous edition, the price will be the same.

- With IDEO S7 Huawei continues to deliver advanced technology in stylish design at an affordable price. Web board is an aggressive update of our already extensive and innovative product portfolio, "says Slørdal.

Huaweis this new board will be launched in collaboration with Telenor on their websites,
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Sep 24, 2010
Thanks for the update, and for staying on top of this for us!


Feb 3, 2011
Sounds like a nice upgrade. Is this the same as the S7 slim that was recently posted? Or are they different devices?


Jan 28, 2011
Wonder when/if this is coming to the US, and what the price would be? Currently, w/resistive screen, the S7 is a must-buy @ $249 and still decent @ $299, imo. Would definitely grab a capacitive version @ $329-349.


Nov 1, 2010
Sounds like a nice upgrade. Is this the same as the S7 slim that was recently posted? Or are they different devices?
Don't think so - the new S7 released here in Norway is the same size and width as the old one.