Cherrypal $188 CherryPad America tablet

When did it say it was being released? i'd feel more comfortable buying american (strictly for banking reasons) but hows it gonna run is gonna make my mind for me too!
Something looks off with the way the icons are on that screen. ARM11 for sure. Samsung ARM11 or Telechips. No Google apps :(
Epad $159.61
Apad $113.93
Gpad $128.42
Hai pad $143.10
compare with it i think these are more reasonable O(∩_∩)O
what is your option? thanks for your sharing

hah so many kinds of pad !!!
I found it for sale here: Zecozi

And it's listed with:
Samsung ARM11 processor (CPU + GPU + DSP, OpenGL 2.0)
800 MHz processor
Android 2.1 and all Android applications.
a 7-inch resistive touch widescreen display
800x480 resolution with built-in gravity sensor.
256 MBs of DDRII RAM
2 GB NAND Flash; Micro SD (1x) reader, and WiFi 802.11 b/g.
It also says it has a USB 2.0 supported by an external adapter

There is a review for it up on YouTube but it's by the maker, not an independent reviewer.
Epad $159.61
Apad $113.93
Gpad $128.42
Hai pad $143.10
compare with it i think these are more reasonable O(∩_∩)O
what is your option? thanks for your sharing

You have a point! ;) I get a little excited when I see a new tablet for sale though.....
More money for a better built PDN isn't so bad if this thing works. But performance on this platform is really subpar.
Yes, the Cherrypal seems slightly higher priced than the others, but a few observations:

1) This is the first one I've seen that says "full market support." Also - I believe it's the only one in the list mentioned above that is shipping with 2.1 and promising 2.2 by the end of the year.

2) I agree with above, buying from an American company is key here as support will be a BIG BIG issue. I normally don't have any particular loyalties to American companies. But firmware updates, early problems and 2.2 release soon... These are big support issues...

Has anyone bought one of these? I see they are actually shipping now....
Depending where you are in the world these tablets from China are might be what's available to you. So features are specs must be closely followed. Frankly ePads max out at 300, 350 and some 450 with OC. aPad and up 600MHz. Still you really need a min of 800MHz.
Unfortunately, buyer beware. Saw this on another forum. Company has history of charging customers and never shipping item. Do always pay with a credit card. Hope with this new "retailer" that they are more legit now.
They were overwhelmed with demand for their low cost netbook earlier this year and did a terrible job of shipping them out... and communicating.

BUT they have a new CEO who is being very responsive and with this tablet they are using Zecozi for selling and the tablets are being received... however, some are reporting a problem accessing the Market on the cherrypal forum... apparently the market stalls at downloading after the initial contact. (as has been reported on this forum for version 1.6).

Do you guys know if the market fix for Android 1.6 works for tablets with 2.1?