Confirmed working charger alternatives

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Sep 24, 2010
I picked up a car charger at Target and have confirmed that it works to charge the S7. It is the Bracketron,Inc. Universal Mobile Electronics GPS Power-Charger for Portable GPS. It is the one for 5v2A Garmin TomTom & Magellan Devices. You will want to use the #5 tip.

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Was looking further, Bracketron is about 10 blocks from my house. Gonna call on Monday to see about a wall charger and rebranding to say for the S7.

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Ive been searching around for a charger now for about a week. i broke my last one and couldnt locate an oem one. Etech will rob your money and not send you one. i went to radio shack but the ones they have are only 300ma and will charge and stop charge and stop stating that the load is not sufficient enough to power it. i went to Walmart looking for the one that shankv (believe thats what his name was on here)was talking about for the tracfone c139,c155 but its out of stock since that phone is discontinued. so i found this, Powerline Universal AC Adapter w/ USB Power Port 3-12v/1300ma. so far so good. thanks for all the advice guys. this forum is a life saver for us Huawei users.
And they have a 2000mAh car charger version as well which is exactly the rating required and costs $15.85 or thereabouts.

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The car charger says not for laptops so i didnt take the chance. But yes its in stock. Its located in the accesories isle for computers.
Just found one totally by accident in my own house. I have a Sirius Stiletto 2 portable receiver, and just noticed the charger I have been using all weekend is the Sirius charger, and it is perfect.

$12.84 from Amazon, haven't even looked for it in stores.

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The powerline car charger works fine on the S7 and has an auxiliary USB port.

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This is to all looking for car/auto chargers and portable power. Portable power in the form of Energizer XP2000 for the Huawei and cell phones. The XP8000 which has 3 voltage outlets; 5V, 12v and 19 v which can be for the Huawei, netbook and laptops respectiveley and can be all charged also at the same time while the portable battery back up is charging at a wall outlet. All kinds of tips are promised (2/year) from XPAL and you can order online through Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, and other stores (listed in Amazon). 70 USD in Amazon approx. I want a one-in-all kind so that i don't have to carry chargers for seperate gadgets when i travel.
Hope you this helps somewhat to questions about portable back-up power for the Huawei.
Do the tips that come with Energizer XP2000 fit the Huawei S7? just today when i plugged in the ac adapter my S7 would not charge. I do not know if the ac cord is broken or the plug inside the S7 is malfunctioning. I have scoured my home and have not found any tips from my other devices that fit into the S7 to test it so I was thinking of getting the XP2000. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :(
All suggestions here work great. Just remember to stay under 5volts and 2200ma.

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how can i find out what tip size will fit into the S7? I am not sure if my unit is not charging because of the ac adapter or the power port is loose.
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