Difference between 128 and 256MB RAM for VIA based Apads


Oct 28, 2010

This is my first post here. Very nice forum :)

I'm currently searching for an Apad in Ebay. Rockship based are a litle expensive for the use it will have, so I'm going with VIA. My question is: the difference (in terms of performance) between 128 and 256MB it's worth the difference?

Also, some listings say you can use 3G. I don't think it has any SIM card slot, so how to use it?

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Jun 19, 2010
Some tablets accept some 3G usb modems. But note that not all 3G usb modems are supported.
As for the 128MB vs 256MB I strongly recommend 256MB RAM. Performance is a lot better with 256MB RAM than it is with 128. The CPU is important as well...there are cases where it does not actually matter if you have 128 or 256, but the general idea is that more is better. I don't know how else to put it since I think you don't actually know what RAM is and how it works.
Also, I think you can find decent tablet under 150$ that does not have a VIA CPU (I don't recommend them).
Also, I would stay away from eBay because some listings are misleading (or even have wrong information). There are some websites that sell electronics (even tablets) that are a little more trustworthy.

Hope my information helped. You can find a comparison between different Android tablets at the link in my signature. (Please note the page contains affiliate links).


Oct 28, 2010
Thanks, it helped. And I know what RAM is and how it works. I didn't know was how it actually would affect the performance in a tablet.

Let's say I have two options: 400MHz - 256MB and 600MHz - 128MB. Which one would perform better for e-books/web navigation?

About the Ebay listings, yes, I'm finding it that way. The link on your sig will help for sure ;)


Oct 28, 2010
Sorry, I'll go offtopic here, but I don't think I need a new thread. The more I search, the more confused I am. Besides the question above, now I'm starting to have it with the Android versions. Please tell me if I'm wrong here or if I'm missing something:

From what I can say, Android has 3 different "main-versions" around:

1.6 - doesn't support youtube/flash, doesn't support 3G modem, doesn't run Android Market
2.1 - doesn't support youtube/flash, supports 3G modem, run Android Market
2.2 - supports youtube/flash, supports 3G modem, run Android Market

Is this alright? Are there any other relevant differences?

Sorry double posting, but this is a little bit overwhelming at first.


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Aug 24, 2010
I would say you're right!
The only thing I think is not correct is that Android 1.6 is not able to run Android Market - as far as I know this depends only on the fact if the tablet is "licensed" from Google.
But even thought some tablets can get access to it by installing it manual^^

I just found a page where you can read about the Market on Android 1.6: http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-1.6-highlights.html#AndroidMarketUpdates
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Aug 6, 2010
There are only four versions of Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, and 2.2 available now. The other numbers you see are the firmware build number. There was Market for 1.5 cupcake(Market =Capable but awful) 1.6 Donut (Market =Capable but most apps have been updated to work with 2.1, So check before installation) 2.1 Eclair (Market = Primary Market App focus) 2.2 Froyo (Market =Fully capable but some older apps have issues)

The real issue is that Market is not supposed to be on Tablets unless the manufacturer paid the license and your device met the Market standard. There are many instructions which describe how to install market. But ther are many sources which offer almost all the same things as Market. (SlideMe) There are also some less reputable but able sources as well.