Do I need to authorize my device?


Nov 18, 2010
After reading this thread over at XDA, I'm a bit concerned. I really do not want to put my credit card and personal info into a device I plan on rooting(which runs hacked scripts that do God knows what).

Can I just root it without authorizing it? I don't plan on ever using the B&N store. How did you guys do it?


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Dec 8, 2010
No you don't have to enter any personal info unless you want to. I skipped most of the start up configuration. I also haven't brought any books, mags or newspaper from B&N yet, which of course goes back to entering cc info. Since then, I have entered my gmail account info (although it didn't get me anywhere) and logged into my Amazon Kindle app, since I already have purchased books there. It may be good to install the nook app (nook on a nook lol), since it accesses your account from online not the NC itself. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Edit: I did enter my name as owner of my NC on start up configs.
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