Does coby has official market?


Dec 11, 2010
I am thinking to buy a coby as my first tablet pc ever. What i'm wondering is does it have offical application market?

And what do you think about buying it as a first time user because i don't have any android experience?

I will try and use it for taking handwriting notes and show powerpoint slides if i find android tablets useful for that kind of job i might upgrade to a tegra 2 device :) But for now can coby do this things
A, I'm a tablet and android virgin as well. For $150 I don't think you can go wrong. I'm still storting things out on mine but this forum is a tremendious wealth of information. The Coby comes with Applib which is somewhat substanard compared to Andriod's Market, but you can down load Market to the Coby so you should be in decent shape there. As far as handwriting notes and PP slides someone else with more skills than I at this time will have to answer those for you.
Note taking by any app in the market place. They are all rather crude but if you just need to jot down some ideas... no problem.
Power Point, not that I have seen but I have not specifically searched for this type of app. Might be a bit of a challenge for the power available with the Coby.