E books......


Feb 10, 2011
i have a "wowpad fly touch 2" i have downloaded the "digital editions" but everytime i try to download and ebook the screen comes up "can't play this video" i need some help here,.......thanks bob
I not sure what you are referring to. video or e-book?
If it's ebook then e-pub is the only one downloadable at least on mine. I use laputa to download and wow to read. (or it crashes)
Hi, thanks for taking the time, it's the ebooks i'm having trouble downloading, are you refering to "aldiko" for a download for ebooks, these ebooks are from my library ????, any other sugestions, thanks again...........bob
I downloaded the free ebook reader from the market called laputa. I use this to download e-books. before you download you get a choice of formats.
Android only allows e-pub format not the others. I then open wow reader and transfer the books across from laputa which are stored on the sd card.
Hope this helps