elocity a7 problem


Mar 20, 2012
I have an elocity a7 tablet powered by android. It's great. I used a usb stick successfully a few times for storage of images and text. Suddenly, it won't load properly. The tablet message says, "Ongoing Preparing external storage Checking for errors." What has happened? Anybody got any ideas? Has the stick been corrupted? Has the port failed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :/

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Hi mderby, congratulations on your new tablet and welcome to the forum. I'm moving your thread to the eLocity Tablets forum for you, where more people with that tablet are likely to join the discussion and try to help you figure out what's happened. (My guess would be you probably pulled it out while it was still active. Now it's unreadable and the tablet wants to format it.) Good luck!
Hi and welcome. My first suggestion would be to remove the memory stick and try rebooting if you have not already done so. See if you can plug the usb stick into a pc while you are rebooting the tablet and what the pc thinks. It may ask if you want to fix errors. You can try that then see if it works in your tablet again.