Emdoor EM51 5" TCC8902 Tablet


Jan 5, 2011
I am new to android tablets and I appologize for the "what do you think of this one" question. I came across this one:
High Quality Black 5.0'' Touch Screen MID-X5 Android 2.1 Tablet Telechips TCC8902 256M RAM with Wi-Fi
I like the form factor and it seems like it has features that I want not to mention for the price I really like it. I would have done the research my self but I can't figure out the make or model to search. Has anyone had experience with this one or even be able to tell me what I can search for?
Just look through the recommendations and reviews here for Telechips based devices.
We don't have that one listed. Also called the Emdoor EM51. Telechips variant. That's the search string.

Not sure if it has clockwork recovery already, but fun (FUKAUMI Naoki (naobsd) on Twitter) can make one if it doesn't have one already.