Fimware Update question


Dec 27, 2010
I found a firmware update for my Coby kyros mid 7015 on the website but I recently rooted my device to access the official market place. If I install this offical update will it unroot or change my device at all?
It almost definitely will. All that it should mean though is that you will need to repeat the process you already completed to gain root the first time. You should also check though to make sure that you can perform the update on a rooted device. I don't know about your device, but this is an issue on some.
If you're using clockwork mod recovery you'll need the modified available in the ultimate guide thread. Also, you'll have to rename /system/ to keep clockwork from being nuked on reboot. You'll have to reflash clockwork after the update. The google apps have to be reloaded, too.

EDIT: corrected swype error
IIRC, it's just a few bug fixes (g sensor was the most major, I think)
Can someone let me know what the current Ver. is with the update? I recently got my 7015 and the firmware that it shows is 2.1-update1, so I'm assuming that it is patched with the current update? I would just like to confirm.