For subspecies WMT2.0_105 & WTM2.1_105 ROM fakeFlytouch EPAD


Nov 15, 2010
For subspecies WMT2.0_105 & WMT2.1_105
USB/LAN Box Silver 24pin Blue packaging

First, I'm not good at English, so this statement is a machine translation.

The all custom firmware in currently exist there are not working properly the and a camera the embedded hardware,Other built-in some hardware also not working.
This (WMT2.0_105&WMT2.1_105ROM)subspecies the some areas are seems to be sold.
This is a transplant of the without permission of original ROM(WMT2.1_105), the Various part custom firmware.

**A lot custom firmware developers thanks. And sorry for transplant without permission.

This is ROM not supported also, Happening other something. I also do not support.

This ROM has a little problem. SETCPU use and can not change the clock.
My because of lack of technical skills, can not solve the problem.
Like CPU clock can be changed, someone please apply the patch to this ROM.
"WMT2.0_105 & WMT2.1_105" To people in need in the subspecies. Presents with all your heart.
My Customized ROM, please use it.

Download script21_105_Root_market_busybox117_ranma.rar from - send big files the easy way

script21_105_Root_market_busybox117_ranma.rar download for free on file share
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ive installed your rom but when im reboot and start loading my pad has continous vibration.. is there any fix for this..?
Good job on the ROM Ranma, I also found out that my CVUK-PC06-2GEN 105_wmt2.1.2_20110131-HcH ROM works with it.