Gforce 9.7" IMX515 Firmware Restoration Process


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Jul 9, 2010
Reference Pandawill forum: firmware for Gpad Gforce(version without offical android market) - MID/Tablet - Download Center - Pandawill Forum Powered by our member! - Powered by Discuz!

Download firmware for gforce(old).rar

People are reporting driver issues with 64 bit systems

Includes IMX515 manufacturing doc - pretty much useless instructions

Instructions according to one of the users, griddall:
1. Power off the GPad
2. Plug in the USB (use the one on the left if your Gpad is oriented with the connector at the bottom)
3. Press the Power and Volume_Down buttuns simultaneously for 3 seconds
4. PC should detect the device on the USB port, detected device had ELVIS in the name (?)
5. When prompted, browse to the drivers folder to install the drivers for "ELVIS"
6. Once the drivers are installed, reboot your PC
7. After reboot, launch the MfgTool.exe. It should see your device properly now
8. Press start to begin upgrade
9. Once upgrade completes (Says operation complete but the start/stop button is still red), reset the device (little reset hole)
10 Takes awhile to boot for the first time.
11. Now EVERYTHING is in Chinese and it is very sluggish. Will have to play with it for awhile to see if I can figure out whats going on.