Hello Everybody!!!


Jan 19, 2011
Let me introduce myself.
I´m Brazilian, living on Rio de Janeiro and i bought my APad a four days ago. At this moment every is going rigth.

My MID is a IRobot:


Processor = CPU600MHz + DSP600MHZ
Processor frequency = 1.2GHz
Memory = FAST EPC DDR 128MB

Built-NandFlash = 2G NAND FLASH

Expansion of storage devices = TF card, Flash Drives

LCD display = 7 "TFT touch screen, 800 × 480

Internet support = WIFI wireless Internet access to support

USB = 2X USB Port

Audio = Built-in stereo speakers 0.5W × 2;Built-in

Battery = 3000mAH, 7.4V Li-ion batteries

Power adapter = 110 or 240V Input, 9V DC Output, 2A

Product Size = 190mm × 118.5mm × 14.7mm

Operating system = Google Android 1.5

I have two issues:

1- I can´t conect my pendrive on USB port, MID don´t recognize them, only SD card. Is There something can i do for fix it? Or is a limitation of my gadget?

2- Still on USB matter, can I plug a USB 3g Modem on my MID?