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Jul 1, 2010
So I am new here and to Android itself. I am on of the Apple crowd when it comes to portable devices. However my experience with ITUNES makes me tired of the product and wanting to move on. It got to the point were I picked up a ZUNE just to be able to load and unload my video's and Songs to a device with out any problems. Well I went online and found me this Android Tablet.

7" Google Android APAD Wi-Fi Camera USB Tablet PC - eBay (item 220620796975 end time Jun-18-10 19:29:56 PDT)

I must say I am very sorry I did. There are so many problems with this device it is funny.

1) There is no Android Market, just something called an "APP STORE". One that has almost nothing in it.
2) The problem of scrolling and screen responsiveness is a big issue.
3) The Camera is about 3 seconds behind my actions and as a result... usless.
4) The Video's I load to it don't play right, i can only Hear them, I can't see them.
5) The Readers (books) don't work at all.

About the only thing this is good for is browsing the internet. But with a batterylife of 1 hour or so that is not even a good experience. Just rather keep using my laptop at home as that is about the only place this things gets a signel. I just wanted to use it as a good Video Player and maybe Reader. I have asked for my money back from the seller, get this he wants to know if I can send it to a new Client for him and he will pay the shipping. I am just dumb founded.

I guess my question(s) are:
1) Can I upgrade this to an Android OS that has the Market Place and the English Language? Mind you there is no way to connect it to my PC, but I can get SD cards and USB sticks to work.
2) Is it worth trying to fix? Or should I just send it like he said and wait for a better product to come along? Please don't say IPAD as that is APPLE and well, outside of my phone I don't like the apple experience. Least not with the ITUNES and loading and unloading Video's and songs.
3) Do you think there will be a better product like this out soon?

All in all for 100 bucks (US) I couldn't go wrong, I knew I was running the risk of getting a Steaming pile of s*%t.

Thanks and HI!


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Jun 30, 2010
Welcome to Android side of things and dont worry i would never recommend anything apple but your complaints are very common not every tablet has a working market because most tablets aren't approved by Google to use their apps. The video problem is because you tablet is a lower end model (hence the 117 dollar price) but it will play videos if you convert them to a super low quality first. Now to connect any device to a computer you need the driver for the device installed on the computer which if the device didnt come with the drivers they are going to be hard to find. The camera issue is once again do to the low price tag but at least it does have a camera. Ebook readers will work on it you just have to find one that does. But to make things short you should probably return it and then same up some money to get a nicer one but for the price its a great deal and you being an iphone user should be use to issues and it taking time to fix them.