Help - D2 tablet squishing images (wrong aspect ratio)


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Nov 27, 2012
I just picked up the D2 internet tablet from Big Lots this past weekend and I'm hoping somebody can help me with something. Overall it seems like a great little tablet for the price Big Lots is charging. This is my first tablet and honestly right now financially this is about all I can afford, and really I just wanted something simple to check out the web when I'm on the go.

One thing thing though that is bugging me - the "aspect ratio" seems off when I view images like in a slideshow or manually through the super-HD player. To compare, my girlfriend picked up a Polaroid 4.3" tablet for a quick little media player, and when viewing images in that player, the images fill the screen correctly, top-to-bottom, while retaining the correct aspect ratio. That tablet has a side button that lets you exit applications.

With the D2, there is no additional button, only power and volume, so it seems that when viewing images, it leaves a black bar on the bottom of the pad with little dots that seem to allow you quick access to functions. Because of that bar on the bottom, images do not fit top-to-bottom, instead the image fits to the top of the screen but the bottom of the image stops at the bar, whereas with the Polaroid there is no bar because there is a button on the tablet, so the image reaches right to the bottom and keeps the aspect ratio correct. With the D2, because of the bar, the images are all squished in a bit - round objects take on a slightly egg-shaped appearance.

Is there any way to hide that bottom bar so that images are displayed without squishing the images? This seems like an issue and I can't believe there is no way to view images in the right aspect ratio with this tablet. You would think that that bar would hide itself and only pop up when you need it to, but it's always there and forces all the images to get squished. I hope I'm making sense here trying to explain this. This is a great tablet but this is an issue I'm not happy about, and the Polaroid seems to not have this issue.

Icons also seem to be squished in. When you rotate the tablet vertically, the icons get really squished in vertically. When viewing horizontally, icons look a bit squished horizontally. The lock icon is obvious - the lock icon in the Polaroid looks fine when the tablet is rotated vertically - in the D2 the lock icon looks like an egg when the tablet is vertical.

Is this an issue due to the 7" screen, so any tablet with a 7" screen will have a messed up aspect ratio? The Polaroid 4.3" looks great so sorry to say this D2 may have to go back if nothing can be done about the aspect ratio issue. From looking at images online of the Polaroid 7" the icons seem to lokk right as opposed to the D2. Yet other 7" tablets seem to have the same problem.

This is the same issue that is mentioned here:

Seems that other cheap 7" tablets also suffer from this. So would a 7" tablet from a different manufacturer possibly solve this?
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Just as a follow up:

The 4.3" Polaroid Android tablet has the correct aspect ratio for its icons and the images and video it plays. The D2 went back. I've seen the 7" Polaroid and the aspect ratio is correct for that also. So the Polaroid tablets are the ones to get if you want the aspect ratio to be correct.