Help Finding First Tablet


Jan 1, 2011
New member, been searching for info and came across this forum. Great reading so far. Looking to buy something mainly to learn about tablets without spending too much $$. Been doing research and there seems to be lots of companies to buy from especially on eBay.

Found this tablet from

8 Inch M8004 Google Android 2.2 WiFi Office G-sensor E-book Android Market Apad ECP0018

Price and features look interesting. Anyone had dealings with this company or have any comments on the tablet?

What are the important features to look for and what should I avoid?
Wanted tablet with Android 2.2 - is this important? Also wanted ability to add new aps from Android Market?

Thanks for help.
IMHO - This tablet is pretty new and I'm not sure the Android 2.2 is that stable on this device yet according to other posts.

When buying it depends on how much money you want to spend.

There are some good low cost Android 2.1 tablets like the M701 and the X5A that work OK and have a stable OS. They can play HD video, Utube, Internet, Book reading, email, some 3 D games etc....

Some tablets have HDMI so you can connect up to your TV with correct cable.

Some tablets have more internal storage so that you don't need an SD card. Although some Apps won't run without an SD card.

Some tablets have more memory so in theory may run some Apps quicker.

Some tablets have capacitive screens and some resistive touch screens. Capacitive are better.

Some tablets have working Andorid market and some don't. Ask the seller about this.

Some tablets have cameras but usually the quality is pretty crap. Less than 1.3 MP

Some tablets are fakes or clones of other low cost tablets and tend to break easy. I got supplied a load of M701 clones from China and the SD card stuck out of tablet and also broke after a few days of use cos the screen shorted out on the circuit board. They also had a fake version of Android 2.2 on them. Just 2.1 with the OS level modified.

So in answer decide what features you need, be careful of clones/fakes, before you finally decide ask again on this forum to see what user experience is like etc.... Also try toi buy from your own country and not direct from China in case you need to reurn item or get it replaced. Maybe go for a trusted make like ViewPad, Samsung Galaxy etc...

Hope this helps.
Hello, i have checked the link you mentioned above, and that's Cortex A8 - the best seller in our store, the price on that site seems very attractive, but i'd suggest you to be careful, and we here to assure that we can provide the best qulity products and better after service for you. Anyway, it's all up to you, hope you can enjoy your online shopping! :)