help , or my wife will strangle me


Aug 13, 2010
Hi all , looking for your help , I bought a mid 7 icnh tablet on android for my wife after I let her netbook fall and break.
So I had to have a go and look at the aps, so I added a few widgets, 1 being the power one, which enables, wifi and also the brightness, so I clicked on the brightness one and the screen went blank, didnt realise if I had of pressed the same part of the screen it would have come back a little brighter, now I cant find the icon again as its totally black , I know its working as I can hear the volume buttom tone etc, any ideas on how to reset with a black screen , help help, shes going to smoother me, thanks guys
Do you see a pin hole you could use that to reset the unit? Which model did you get or what's the link to vendor site.
thanks for yor reply , I have tried pressing the pinholes but to no avail, there not reset buttons, I bought it from ebay, I know, I knw, but she had great feedback and I think its something I did rather than the tablet .
Its a mid via arm926, I can send the link but dont wanna get into trouble with the mods
Put the link in quotes "http://this is your item" this way no one can click on it. But in any case you could try to leave the unit on until the battery drains out

Does yours look like this one?

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iPed or whatever. I figured out what the link was.

Pretty sure it ships with busybox. Let's hope this works.
thanks for your help guys, but no luck so far, I have tried the link and also attached it to the pc via usb but it does not show up as anything, its still working though , just cant see the screen, the wife still isnt even looking at me,. lol. if you have any more ideas please , please let me know