[Help Requested] Imito IM7 (Copying firmware)


Feb 20, 2011
Hello, first time poster here. Recently I purchased two Imito IM7's (something I now regret) and they are suffering from all the common issues that seem to plague this brand. Quite oddly, however, one of the devices works just fine and the other does not. Even more oddly they have different boot screens so I'm assuming they have different firmwares. Anyway, in an attempt to fix the market bug I have tried re-flashing the device with multiple firmwares. Now I have the issue of the screen flashing for a split second and then nothing but a black screen.


I was wondering if there is any way for me to copy the firmware off of the working device so that I can flash it on the semi-bricked one. I have looked into clockwork recovery but I'm not too sure how to use it. On top of that I am afraid of rooting the working device and ending up with two bricks instead of one.

Thanks for your time, any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: So far I have tried a couple of firmwares: Dawa D7, Imito 1.2 (corrupted boot.img so substituted another), both to no avail.
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Jul 9, 2010
Clockwork recovery should be what you need. Rooting is non-destructive. As is attempting to use a recovery image.

If you get nothing but a black screen, you might have flashed the wrong firmware onto the device. There have been multiple revisions of these IM7 units.

If you can get clockwork recovery working on the good tablet, you could try to do a nandroid backup, and dump the firmware from what tablet to another. Otherwise you would probably have to figure out how to pack your FWDN from a dump. I never figured FWDN out. Those are the solutions you are looking at, in theory anyway.


Feb 22, 2011
Is there any utility or application for Android that can check the hardware, loaded modules, kernel configuration, dmesg or log output, and print the complete hardware list of the tablet: touch screen, accelerometer, buttons, camera, mic, CPU version, NAND, etc.? Probably that could help to check the compatibility of different versions of firmware and various versions of hardware.