imito im7 for professionals HEELP


Mar 6, 2011
hi. i'm sorry for my english
so i bought imito im7 android 2.1 and after two days a message appeare in the home screen >the process android.process.acore has stopped> and then is turned off
and i have traying to reset the factory setting but when i press the home button and the power button there is a black screen and nothing is hapening when i connect my tablet to my pc i can't acces to the device folders please if anyone can help me im noob and i dont knew what to do
if you search google for that error message, you'll find that there are several known issues with android that cause that message to come up.. which one applies to you will depend on the what is in your log when it occurs.

to see the device via adb on your computer, you will need to make sure that USB Debugging is turned on in Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging.

from there you will have access to the log via adb. run this on your windows machine
start -> Run... -> cmd.exe
cd /path/to/android-sdk/platform_tools/
adb devices (it should show you a serial number and a device name)
adb shell
let logcat run while you use the device and then see what the device says happens when it force closes. you can cut and paste the output here and we should be able to help you more.
if that's a bit too complex, if you have the device rooted, you can install aLogCat and use it to search the logs instead from the device itself.