Dec 19, 2010
:confused: Hi to all u brain boxs out there.....please help me, i have brought a 7in mid tablet pc,i have put my details in to access the internet but it wont connect me, someone said it wont work with wep...that my security settings. i`ve tried to change them but no can do .....can someone please advise....and please have some christmas goodwill to a nubie,who needs everything explained in plain english ..(Its a crimbo prezzie an i dont want to give it if i cant get it up and running)....and a MERRY XMAS 2 U ALL xxxxxxx
You'd better give specs. infor. in detail about your tablet, and we can have a general picture of your tablet.
Try to check your wifi setting, and make sure your wifi is working well.
Besides, you have to ensure the wifi network is available for your tablet.
:confused: Hi we go..... i have a pc tab the specifications are
cpu arm processor
os google android
7in digital touch pannel
resolution 800 480 pixel
wifi 802.11 b/g/n
usb port usb 2.0 2
my wireless setting are
mode 54mbps (802.11g)
wep shared key
it says i have a strong signal but i am disconnected can ANYONE help
please use simple u have probably gathered im not in the know.

My daughter is so dissapointed i cant do it for her,
my router is a tp-link....Merry XMAS to u all and thanks to all who reply XXXX