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Jan 23, 2011

Lately I've seen alot of people complaining that their superpad has been slowing down or bugging up. Well, ever take a thought that maybe its your home launcher? Launchers are what run your android screen, its your desktop basically. Your performance of your tablet can be enhanced by installing the right home launcher and keeping an eye on the memory usage with a task manager.
I decided to create this post to help new android users and intermediate users to decide on what launcher they should run on their superpad and introduce some new ways to use your tablet.

*Note* Once you've installed a launcher, press the home button to put the tablet into default home mode. It will then give you a choice of setting what launcher to what you will want as default. If this does not work, go into the android market and download (Home Switcher/ Home Switcher for Froyo) An app that will allow you to switch to different home screens and set your default launcher.

Infotomic Home

Now everyone's use to this launcher by now. It lacks customization and speed. Altho, a catchy looker and may deceive ones eye to say "oh hey nice ipad..." it still lacks potential to an intermediate android user but a good start to new android users. The dock bar serves as a shortcut to ones favorite apps and customizeable once accessed through the app drawer. Drag and drop are your options and only options. All that there is to customize are your app shortcuts and your fancy widgets and doodads to help spice up your tablet. Altho it does rank higher than the android 1.6 launcher and froyo launcher. I would recommend to newer users to keep this launcher untill their use to their system then start exploring your options. The newer home launchers contain lots of options and settings that may confuse the noob but they are smoother and slick on the superpad.
(Deving in progress, Any help would be awsome...)

Launcher Pro

Built off of froyos first android launcher, Launcher pro was introduced to the public. Its speed and smoothness depends on the amount of free memory and cpu usage but damn does it put the infotomic launcher to shame. The left sided dock bar is fully customize-able to the user. From changing the looks of the bar, to the amount of bars you can cycle through, to the amount of app shortcuts you want to show up 3-5? I believe their are up to 5 transisition affects to choose from as you swipe your window desktop awing one as your windows slides or bounces or fades into the other. The app drawer has some settings on its own. By pressing the menu button and going into your preferences, you'll be staring at a lot of settings to play with. The launcher was made for simplicity, smoothness, and as eye candy for ones device. It even comes with its own widgets for contacts, messaging, calendar, and bookface (facebook) and for you lil tweeters out there. (Once you activate it and purchase ofcourse) I recommend this launcher to newer users exploring their options.

AWD EX Launcher

Launcher pros competitor...Awd launcher and Awd EX Launcher. After installing the free version, your gna want to cough up the few bucks and purchase the full version as it comes equipped with everything you would want for customization. Now right away, an intermediate android users going to say, "why do i see honeycomb features?" Well actually, that's one of AWDs features, which is skins. Ive equipped my launcher with the honeycomb skin and well it looks preeety darn good. The dock may not be scroll-able but it is customize-able to allowing the user to change the shortcuts and have up to 5 shortcuts. It comes with many punches in its settings, even presets to allow to user to set up their device like an ipad or even have the sense like UI in their device from the HTC Sense. Docks and previews are available in the android market as widgets, so its possible to spice the launcher up even more. Keeping a task manager near by would be a good idea.

Even the app drawer is pretty sexy, along with its own customize-able drawer settings, allowing one to set it vertically or horizontally. I personally love the horizontal swipe for tablets. The icons can be glossy colored or just the normal plain look. Smooth, Slick, Sexy, Top rated android home launcher.
Handles very nicely on the superpad. I highly recommend this launcher to all users.

VTLabs Launcher

Brewed up from the devs at XDA (VTLabs), the VTL launcher was created from the source code of the AWD Launcher. This launcher was actually created for android tablet users, so if your looking for a launcher built for tablets, here it is. Unlike the AWD launcher, you have a choice to where you want your dock to be placed. Do you want it on the top, bottom, left, or right? or...All of them? It was built to allow the user to forget about the orientation of your device so its easy handling because your app drawer is everywhere you look if you choose all of the above. Once in your app drawer, if you long press an app icon, one can place it anywhere along a dock whever it may be and catagorizeing would be a good idea. Its not as smooth as AWD launcher as its still in its beta stages I believe but still a great launcher. It also uses AWD skins and themes. This is a Paid app so no freebies here, unless you know someone cool that gives out free stuff ^.^ Drag and drop app shortcuts, transition affects, and App drawer settings are your customization. A very nice launcher and awaiting its future. Not so sexy but gets the job done.

7 Launcher

Built to replicate windows 7 phones, this launcher is pretty smooth and very very simple. A free launcher available to android users and did i say simple? This launcher is not like other launchers, its a scroll-able home screen. Just slide your screen down or up and that's there is to it. Custom icons, all the room you want for slide action, limited space for widgets, very little customization, faded affects, windows 7 dock drawer, windows icons... that's all pretty much. If your just looking to run your tablet without anything sexy, this would be a choice for you.

Android Windows7

Hmmm, windows? A smart fellow dev found that layering an android OS is possible and the android windows launcher was born. If your loving windows and switching to android was a bit of a hassle or confusing, using this launcher will get you use to the new car smell. This launcher i will admit is pretty damn cool. There are 2 versions ofcourse, lite (free) and paid "paid for more features and settings" Takes a little while to boot but worth the wait. Your apps are located in the start menu just like windows were to store its programs and as you use your apps, they are stored as shortcuts on the main windows start bar as quick reminders sayen "hey, here's that app you were using earlier" Smooth and quick after its all booted up, but at times, a lil slow. Keeping a task manager near by would be a good idea with this launcher. It has a built in root explorer and root isnt required? Built in file browser... that's new. A Launcher that's showing the evolution of android and how far launchers can go. Their are previous builds of this launcher. I have it on my Archos and its working like a charm. I would recommend this launcher to intermediate users.

SPB3D Launcher

If our superpad had an accelorated gpu, Id be a lil excited. This launcher is outstanding but not recommend saddly. Its hd rendered 3d looks are to much for the superpad but it does run unlike on most devices. This launcher was built differently so hence why I mention some devices will not load it or can handle it. The launcher is animated in 3d mode and has a swipe like motion like the HTC flyer. If your someone looking for looks rather than speed and activity, this launcher is for you. Not much customization but the company has included so much to the launcher, nothing much is needed and puts most of your widgets you own to shame.

Regina 3d

The basic 3d launcher for android

HoneyComb Launcher

Those of you who want the honeycomb user interface on your tablet, that wish is currently being made. Because honeycomb was developed for tablets only, alot of people wanted the user interface for phones as well so these devs came up with the 3.0 launcher or the honeycomb launcher. I gave it a test drive and as far as i can see, a little laggy and still needs some work but its looken good.

NetFront life screen launcher

This launcher does not do well on the superpad but altho very catchy on other devices.

Now recently over at xda, a group of devs are developing a new kind of launcher for AOS. SPB developers had the right idea to but this launcher will be towned down for such tablets and devices to handle.
The Slick UI is sure to make some android devices look good in the future.

Slick UI - An Android Homescreen-replacement interface - New video: 'Dock Preview'! - xda-developers

These are a very few of hundreds of launchers available to android users located in all of the market places. Ive only posted the ones Ive used on my devices and I'm pretty sure their are many more out their I'd love to use but cant have em all.

Heres a nice place to take a look at the latest and popular launchers... Android Themes Applications Launchers, Homes

Go ahead, post up your desktop and show it off in your replay, show the community there's alot of eye candy out there for your tablet, Ive shown off a couple of examples, try putting my examples to shame and show off. Impress me ^.^

P.S. If you'd like to try any of these launchers, email me off your tablet and I'll send you the APK.
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Android market with a few available launchers
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Really nice write up!! Excellent content and should be really helpful. I hope your users appreciate this...
I was thinking this should be helpful to new android users as the superpad seems to be an eye catcher to new android users. Launchers are something new users are not familiar with and I thought this should be included in our section. I will update this as time follows and probably add to it.
Probably be adding some more launchers when i get some free time.

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Does anyone have the Infotomic Home apk file to download, I've been searching everywhere? Thanks in advance
Il post it when i get some free time. Note it is a system apk needing root to install and system signed meaning, it was made for a specific device.
I will be modifying it at some point

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