How Do I "Factory Reset" My Tablet?

Proscan PLT7223G or Tablet w/o Vol Rocker

Follow the instructions in this video:
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Telefunken tpad-100a3gec

1) Power off the tablet.
2) Hold the M button and power button. The tablet starts and show android with an exclamation mark but no menu.
3) Press power button and quickly tap the volume + releasing the power button again. This gives you the menu.
4) Use volume buttons to navigate and power to select.

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Cruz T301

You need to access the restore menu on your device. Get a paper clip and hit the reset button on the top of the tablet.

As soon as you release the reset button hold the + vol button down.
This will bring you to the menu you need.
Select wipe and restore to factory defaults
Once its done reboot and it`s ready to roll.

source: How unlock my cruz t301 because forget mi password?
WonderMedia WM8650

1. Turn the power off and pull the battery out and reinsert it.
2. Hold the Volume Down button.
3. Then press and release the Power button.
4. Wait a minute,the menu appears that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock.
5. Ok,press the Volume Down button to choose Clear Storage.
6. Next,press and release the Power button,Wait for the WonderMedia WM8650 to restart.
7. You will see the two options: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO.
8. If you choose YES, all data will be deleted from your WonderMedia WM8650 and including third-party applications.
9. The WonderMedia WM8650 will reboot to its original data.
10. This time you can restore your backed up data to your phone.

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Zeki 8" TBQG884B
The way I got to the factory reset screen was to hold down the volume + and - both (so hold down in middle), press reset (with paper clip), and hold down power key along with the volume (both- never lifting off) until you see an android picture (green guy not the word-android) instead of Zeki. Release buttons and wait for list of factory default options. Use volume buttons to navigate options and power button to select it. Hope this helps!
Good day everyone...please help, my ktc aura 7 is in pattern lock and i don't know how to hard reset. i've looking in the net for quite sometime but there's no luck. my ktc aura 7 has no volume control. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
Try doing a factory reset using this method:
  • hold the power button slider in the "on" position for 20-30 seconds,
  • release it,
  • hold the light button down and use the power button slider to turn it on while continuing to press the light button.