HS-7DTB6-8GB hipstreet tablet


Jan 9, 2013
HS-7DTB6-8GB hipstreet tablet

6year old locked tablet and forgot the pattern to unlock it.
I was told that it has to be reset but I don't know how to do that.
I tryed the hold the volum up button and the power button on at the same time
and let go when I see the android page flash.
Well I did that and it goes from the android page to the conect the dots pattern page.
Now I guess I have to send it back so someone can fix it.
But where do I send it?
I have to get a magnitfy glass in order to read the manual. Not a very good booklet for us old people to try and read.
Oh and I did call customer suport and the lady I couldn't understand her she had very broken English. But she did try
to help me.
Could someone please give me a address or tell me how I am to get this fix.

Thank you
Victoria Ramsey