Huawei S7 ROM/Recovery/Build Updates Threads - START HERE

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Sep 24, 2010
This thread is intended to be used to provide a single starting point for status updates on the ROM for the S7.

Last refreshed for February 27

Huawei Ideos S7 General Information
Huawei Ideos S7 Variants
Variant tracking is here:
Screen can be capacitive or resistive
Radio bands
Internal microSD or external microSD slot with internal NAND
single or dual cameras

Extended Information
More software and hardware information:

Android Version Details - Official from Huawei
Current Version - Eclair 2.1. There are multiple builds for locale, but all are 2.1
Next Official Version - Froyo 2.2. Confirmed by Huawei Norway Feb/Mar timeframe. Details at:

The recommend firmware to use (for the American variant of the S7 - dual camera, resistive) is
This enables 4 way rotation in applications, in addition to clocking up to 998MHz for some devices.

Current Development Efforts
Kernel Build, AOSP - Thread is located here:
Stalled for the most part, as Huawei's promised shipping date for Froyo nears.

Deodex Eclair firmware:

A buildable kernel based on Huawei's released sources is here, along with a preliminary vendor tree:

We currently have no publicized method to rebuild wifi modules, and Huawei has not provided the associated GPL source code yet. There has been requests for Huawei to release the remaining source code beyond the kernel source alone.

We have some minor issues, but recovery works fine now.

Download for S7-104:

Discuss development here:

Status - efforts here appear to be temporarily on-hold, and needs attention.

Process defined and explained here:
Alternative link2sd is more flexible and detailed here:

Status - need to have a volunteer that is willing to create a YouTube Video of the process to share. Contact [email protected] to volunteer

Kernel Modules

Prelinkmaps need to be modified as referred to in this thread:

However, not all files match that of the Acer Liquid. A new prelinkmap needs to be generated for the Huwaei S7 to build libraries.

We have full knowledge of boot.img packing.
This guide can be followed:,_Edit,_and_Re-Pack_Boot_Images
With the exception of including the base address for the Nexus One, and possibly matching kernel cmdline parameters (cat /proc/cmdline).
Fastboot is entered by holding both volume buttons down from power off, then pressing the power button


Jan 13, 2011
Dont know if you've all noticed, THIS is the m860 kernel source and THIS is the U8500 kernel source Ive been playing with these for a few days and I just found THIS 2.6.32 kernel might help
Its been said before, I know were so privileged to have 2.2 coming out in march but lets get 2.3 out tomorrow! :D (gotta dream) Ive got three more days this week to work on this, any takers on some all night chats? #androidtablets seems to be dead ATM (sorry for missing out on your appearances zombie)
only problem with the U8150 kernel is that the phone didnt have dual cameras... hoping that Hauwei still included the support, shall see


Dec 25, 2010
Keep at it ebarcus! I know the IRC is basically dead, it sucks. I am pretty much out of commission for a little while, real life is taking over! I wish you luck and I will jump back in as soon as I can.


Jan 13, 2011
Thanks man! yeah I just let IRC sit there, suck for me when I miss you guys, who wants to gtalk? Ive found some neat glitches i hope to document soon :D

Ive got a "directive" and it comes from my "fastboot" troubles with this device...
Lets compile a list of button combos with "where" it takes you in the android OS ex:

HOLD Vol(+) & TAP power (turn on) = (seems to be recovery, tried to load a boot.img and stated was not a recovery image)
HOLD Vol(+) & CALL button & TAP power = (recovery?)
HOLD Vol(-) & END button & TAP power = (says to go into recovery cant get mine into this mode, unless i fried recovery, loaded a fresh updata so testing continues here)
HOLD BACK(arrow) & CALL button & TAP power = Load original

some please correct these if i am wrong AND add to this list :D


Dec 25, 2010
The first S7 Android2.2 firmware for S7-104 hardware(BestBuy hardware) may release in early March 2011. This firmware is for Telstra infact. But it works well in all 104 hardware.

Thank you!

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Dec 10, 2010
The new hardware S7 slim will show in MWC 2011 in Barcelona. The ID is really much better than S7.
With the new hardware, the new UI will release also, it named SURF in lab.
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