Identifying your Rockchip aPad variant


Nov 19, 2010
Re aPad variant 001
There are many makers and sellers of aPad tablets now on the market. The retailers would have us believe they are all the same, so they give them common names like Moonse E7002. It is clear that we cannot rely on model numbers to know what we have purchased. By the time we have tried to upgrade our ROMs and failed, it is too late to have prevented bricking the aPad.

So what to do? Many people have tried to identify the aPad by the color of the LED, the position of the camera, the voltage of the power supply and more. In many cases this is good information that will lead you to flash the correct ROM for your device. In some cases though, it does not prevent you from bricking your aPad by flashing with the wrong firmware.

Maybe there is a better way.
The photo (click to enlarge) shows the innards of the mystery aPad I bought from this merchant (who does not offer support or further technical data). The layout of the hardware is pretty definitive as to which aPad variant we are looking at, providing we post photos. Notice that the mainboard has a Rev number close to the LCD flex connector. It is FH-TONG V7.2A. I believe firmware written for or found on this board will run on any other board of the same rev.

In other words, we should be classifying our aPads by the board revs and board makers. I invite you to post your internal photos here to identify your aPad variant. Assign it a new variant ID number as above. If someone finds a firmware image that works with it, they can post the information here. Please reference variant 001 for this model.

Firmware upgrade versions: I don't have a clue. Does anyone else?

Reference: This aPad has been amply pictured and described here.
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Jan 8, 2011
Hi there!!!
i bought your same apad and brick it using a wrong CF.... now i'm searching it's original firmware.I revive it with the needle trick and i tried, almost, every firmware from this forum, but the only thing i saw is the calibration test of Touchscreen, that i never pass.... or the penguin freezed in a corner of the screen.
May you help me, telling me something i forget or giving me a firmware that work fine???