IFA 2010...Wheres all the Android Tablets


Aug 28, 2010
After staying up nights on end, I have finally reached a breaking point with the whole android pad ordeal. I thought that the IFA Berlin 2010 show would quench my need to know which Android pad I would be purchasing within the next two months. Well let me say that I am very disappointed. The only thing I have really heard about is the Galaxy, the Folio...and hardly anything on the Archos. How long has the Ipad been out?, close to a year? I am not exactly sure. I respect Apple in the sense that they make great products, but I do not care too much for S. Jobs. I am especially mad, when I read that he tried to put down Goggle about Android, saying something about misleading their numbers of sales. I mean Apple made a choice, they decided to choose to stray from Flash and have instead replaced it with HTML5, or whatever it is. Personally I think Android going with Flash is a great move....but enough about me not having so much love for Apple. I do want to say again they make a great product...I don't care for their arrogance as a community.

Let me give you a little background before I get back to the topic at hand. I switch to Verizon about a year and a half ago for two reasons. I wanted a Blackberry, and I wanted touch capability...so of course Verizon was the sole carrier of the Storm. I liked Blackberry for their email capability, but not their apps. I eventually bought a Motorola Droid...Wow, was I impressed. The moment that I had picked one up in the store I knew this is what I need :). I instantly fell in Love with Android. I love open source software, and believe we need it in our world today. I won't go on and on, but I really love android. I mean we have finally found something that can really compete with Apple...and I am glad Google is backing it. Microsoft has really disappointed me the past few years, and Apple is always proud of their products and they show it with their price tags. Thank God for Android.

My Moto Droid replaces my notebook computer for most of the leisure things that I do. I really was looking for something just like, except I need something a little bigger (7" to 10"), and a tad faster (maybe a Tegra 2 dual core). A month ago I ran across this Android Tablet movement and all of a sudden got excited. After doing some research and finding this site...I discovered that Android Tabs were just around the corner. Wow, my quench was going to get satisfied...WRONG. I have to say that I am really disappointed about the whole Android Tablet movement.

After this weekend I was hoping to have about 7 Android tabs to decide between to purchase within the next couple of months. I have heard of three, two of which WILL NOT have the Android market. WOW a tablet without the Market in my opinion is worthless, unless something comes out with a custom ROM. Even if you get a custom ROM eventually, Android might come up with better security to prevent people from hacking the market on a non-market device. To top it off the only one that I have read to have the Market is possibly going to be Carrier only, so I will have to pay out the ass to have a unlocked tablet. I want a Wifi tab, not a damn 10" telephone. Where is the data only for $23.00 a month with a carrier? I know I am probably jumping the gun, and being impatient. I wish I could have attended the show in Germany to see what all was there. Where is Notions Ink's Adam??? Maybe it was there, but the media didn't jump on it?

All and all I am very disappointed with the selection of Android tablets coming in the next month or so. I am not going to blame Google with their tablet rumored of coming out next year, they have enough **** to worry about being sued by freaking; Paul Allen, Oracle. This is not to mention all the other stuff they are working on. Maybe I missed something about the IFA 2010, or maybe someone can tell me just to be patient. I don't want to wait another year :(

I hope that I am not the only one that feels this way

-Leroy \oo/
I am not trying to dampen your enthusiasm for Android, far from it. This article I referenced in a prior thread (Link) states the reality of the situation. The units demo'd at IFA 2010, rarely are immediately available. This is the kick-off for the Christmas sales spree. I would like to say, what is demo'd/shown in Berlin is available the next day. In my experience, it will take 1-3 weeks before any of the products. Even worse, there will be some that in the end never make it to the US or even the site of a store. (Can you say Archos 8?)

I would suggest patience, but you are past that point. The reality is, there will be Tablets which never make it, There will be orphans tablets within a year and then there will be others that will be a smashing success.

Through it all there will be the Generics/knock-offs from China which will serve a interested market, but have the danger of turning buyers off of Android due to the half baked firmware and poor support. So vent, we understand and hear you. I just am not sure I have a suggestion other than it will be Christmas before you have a product other than Archos and Samsung available for purchase which is a name brand.

Best of Luck
Thanks for the reply Gurgle. I feel a little better be assured what is really going on by your response. It amazing that I found a few tablets from this web site that might serve my needs for now :). I found a company called pioneer computers...I think located in Australia that is taking pre-orders similar to what I want. I would go ahead and buy a cheap oriental pad but, I see a lack of custom roms. I am all about some rom cooking. I couldn't wait for 2.2 on my moto droid, so impatiently I got into the whole custom rom ordeal. I know that eventually cyanogen or someone will make a decent rom for the oriental tablets. To me custom roms will be the only thing to save face in these cheap knockoffs. Anyways I appreciate the response.

-Leroy \oo/