Infuriating Problem!


Staff member
Jan 2, 2011
Whenever I turn on my Kyros, a sync symbol (two arrows in a circle) shows up on the top bar and my tablet runs so slow it's useless. It takes FOREVER for whatever is syncing to finish. I can't figure out what app is pulling this sync crap and it's infuriating. Any ideas how I can figure it out? I checked Email, GMail, my RSS reader, and Facebook and none of them have any autosync feature. Can anyone help?
I don't if this will help but you can try it... I have Android Assistant. When you open this app you can go to tools, Then select Startup Manager, Then system and select the boxes you want to kill.. Sync Feeds is one of the choices. Hope it works for you. I looked in settings quickly but i couldn't find this option there. Go luck..
The sync icon is for your Google accounts, which you control under Accounts and Settings.

Startup for Android usually takes a while.
The kyros actually doesn't have the accounts and sync settings....
You should be able to access the activity no?

Not really a solution, but at least you can control this.

Easiest way is to install Quick Settings. Open it and press the menu button, and hit customize. Then drag the Accounts & Sync up. If you press the bar, it should bring you to the Accounts & Sync activity, where you should be able to control sync more precisely. You can probably do the same thing with AnyCut, but I don't know what that activity would be called.

The Android standard power control widget should also allow you to turn Google sync off temporarily.
I installed Android Assistant and it it seems to have fixed the issue. I also set it to kill a lot of programs that were set to load at start up as I don't really need them to and so far it seems that my tablet boots up a bit faster now. Seems like a good app!