Installing new fonts- Fix for (A B)ig game, Maybe?


Dec 10, 2010
So, browsing around the main storage on the device (not NAND, the actual storage). Under "/System" there is a "fonts" folder, wherein lies (obviously) all the installed system fonts.

I'm wondering if its possible to install a new font to the system without overwriting the pre-installed fonts. This would be work for you Linux Gurus out there:cool:.

Angry Birds works great on the device, with exception to certain fonts that do not show up (they appear as white squares). My thinking was that if you could possibly install the correct fonts then the game would work 100%.

It may also solve a lot of problems in other games as well (the ability to install additional fonts).

Now, I've browsed Android forums and have seen several methods for overwriting the main fonts already installed on the device but haven't found anything about installing new fonts. Is it possible?

I've downloaded the AB fonts onto my device and copied them to the "font" directory so far with no luck. In this case it appears the simplest method won't work. :confused:


EDIT: Also, just for reference all the font files in the "fonts" folder are in the standard (.ttf) file format. If you don't already know, it's basically the most universal format for fonts.
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The angry birds artifacts are caused by opengl overlay issues on the tablets, not missing fonts (iirc)
Oh. :( LOL Nevermind then.

I didn't know Angry Birds used openGL. Guess I should have looked around better.

But what about installing fonts for other programs and apps?