iRobot Android cannot Recognize Wifi Router HTC


Jul 16, 2010
I tried to connect my iRobot Tablet Androind with my HTC Diamond via wifi. I used a wifi router installed in HTC to do that and it seem to run good because my portable Acer can recognize HTC wifi router and log in. I cannot instead recognize HTC with my iRobots Android via wifi. What's the problem? There is a differente wifi router protocol? Thank you for help, but i cannot understand as i can do


Mar 22, 2011
SuperPad Tm with Google, Infotomic Sawee Pad 2.1 10" will not connect to Samsung Vibrant WIFI. Has very week wifi in the very best circumstances. At 10' from 3 wireless routers I tested only 2 bars which should be fill at that distance. At 30' signal is lost. Will not maintain contact of Public Library wireless. I thought it may be the channel (frequency) IP address but nothing will resolve the connection. I found this post about ad hoc network from android devices.

Ebay seller states you must be within 15' of a wifi connection. This is an unheard of week wifi receive module.

Is there a way to change the ad hoc network to a native wireless network?