Is it me or has the SDK/ADB for the Archos internet series tablets been updated?


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Aug 5, 2010
I have just recently gotten my Archos101 so i haven't used the SDK or ADB on it... BUT.. from my scanning over their site in my original research for possibly getting this tablet. I don't recollect that the ADB section on the downloads included information on the internet tablet series(gen8), well only the 5" last time i checked and people were having issues getting ot to work on the A70's that were realeased earlier in europe....

Can someone cofirm so i don't think i'm halucinating...:confused::confused::confused: lol


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Aug 6, 2010
The ADB they released was for 5/7/8 and will not work on any 64bit Microsoft OS. But, I have not gotten to needing an ADB,,,yet. I am using z4root for temp rooting. BUT, that is not to say there is not an ADB out there. I do remember when the A70 first made it to the street. There was definitely a problem. I will do my research.