Is there any way to fix this, please?


Apr 1, 2015
I have a 16GB JXD S7800b, and I decided to add custom firmware to it, mainly to fix the tiny program storage space, but also to increase the CPU speed. Anyway, I first rooted it (using the method in and it worked great. I then followed the instructions for adding new firmware (in using the file "webclaw-tw116-9-VSYNC(6GB).zip" from as the original file links are now dead) and did everything as instructed, and the JXD S7800s reset as normal, and came up with a message about formatting data, but then when it reset the tablet stuck on it's boot screen (black screen with a silver "JXD" in the centre).

Now, when I turn it on, all get is that boot screen, and nothing else happens at all. And I can't turn it off via the power button, only via inserting a pin into the reset hole.

Is there anything I can do about this, or is it permanently dead? And I know that if it is beyond recovery then it's my own responsibility, I know that these things always carry some risk, and I accept that, but what did go wrong in this instance? Did I use the wrong file, was the firmware that I was overwriting too new and so the over-write failed, or what?

Thanks for any answers.