Looking for a $100 tablet for my girlfriend


Dec 4, 2010
Hey everyone. I have a droid and Im totally in love. Now my gf is getting jealous, but her phone contract isnt up, so I decided to get her a tablet. Heres what I need, and more specifically, what I dont.

-priced around $100-120
-Android 1.6, but would really prefer 2.1, or best of all 2.2
-Needs to have roms out for it, so I can customize it a bit for her
-have no real issues installing apks. Im very experienced with installing android apps, just need to work with the tablet
-the main app I want to install is Barnes and Nobles new nook app. I have it on my phone, its awesome. I convert pdfs to epubs, and they work great
-Flash support, of course, I know that requires 2.2, but still
-Obviously wifi support
-Does not require super great resolution, but at least 480x320. She isnt that into watching videos and stuff, but I want her to have the option
-headphone jack. Speakers would be cool, but headphone jack is more important

And thats it. Its not too much I need. I just want to give her something until she can upgrade to a droid x or w/e.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me suggestions!


Jun 19, 2010
For 100$ you won't get much...If you want a decent tablet you will need about 170$ and if you want something with Flash (so Android 2,2) than at least 200$+ will need to come out of your pocket. You can find a comparisso between different android tablets at the link in my signature. Maybe that will help...but all tablets there are 150$+ cause I decided to remove the tablets with an os older than Android 2.1


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Aug 6, 2010
You will be banging your head on the wall after your girlfriend throws it back in your face for being so slow and blowing up at the drop of a hat. Keep in mind two things
1. Your Droid did not cause what you paid for it likely. It is paid by that wonderful monthly fee to your 3G provider with that 2 year contract.
2. The $100 is an example of this thread = http://www.androidtablets.net/forum...964-decent-article-how-avoid-bad-tablets.html Read it and learn