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Jun 29, 2016
I am old, have used a p c for years, I know what I have to know about basic office work, cropping photos and all that sort of thing. No games.
As a response to pressure from well-meaning friends and family who tell me that my life is not complete without a tablet or laptop or similar, I have taken a cautious, cheap plunge into keyboards that you poke with a rubber-ended stick.
I have recently bought a 10" Medion Lifetab MD99233 tablet.
It is very clear and clever, uprighting itself when inverted, etc. Excellent to take on holiday, perhaps.
I want to try, just for fun, transferring a few photos from my W7 p c to this Medion. I have the supplied cable and another to enable me to connect the tablet to the p c but nothing happens when I do it. I have failed to find an English version of the manual and the google translation doesn't tell me what I want to know.
I guess that I should download an app but which one?
Any thoughts on an English manual?
Can this model support a spirit level or GPS?
Many thanks for any help.


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Dec 27, 2011
Welcome to the forum from another old person. ;)

I have a couple suggestions to start without needing that connection to the PC. On the Store look for AirDroid. That would allow transferring pretty much anything in both directions across your local network. Also consider getting a DropBox account for the tablet and the PC. (2GB is free) and you would be able to send those photos/files to the DropBox folder on your PC or manually upload them and they would then be availale on the tablet. You can also do that in reverse from the tablet.


Jun 29, 2016
I have just spent a while finding the Store (it is called the Play Store on my device) then found a whole string of AirDroid offers to choose from, none of which seemed to mention tablets and all offer a more comprehensive service than just allowing me to download from a p c to this tablet.. Some have to be paid for. The trouble is that after struggling to understand a sentence I then find two more difficult ones following. I am going backwards and it was meant to be fun.
Perhaps DropBox is the answer, although I have tried to withdraw from leaving my details in the air.


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May 9, 2014
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Mar 24, 2011
Hi Geezer, congratulations on your new Medion Lifetab and welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android Tablets.