Micro SD cards

Chris H

Jan 24, 2011
:confused: I just purchased a Coby MID7015 tablet and have spent hours trying to set it up. I've been trying to purchase a Micro SD card but everything over 2 GB is SDHC and my tablet will not recognize the HC. Does anyone know how I can either make my device work with SDHC or purchase a minimum of 4 GB micro card?
So i have edited this post a couple of times, i will keep looking
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Chris, I just ordered one of these 5 minutes ago from Radio Shack. It clearly says in the specifications that it will accept up to 16GB micro CD card. In fact Amazon is bundling a 16GB card with the Mid 7015, so it must be able to use them. I don't know why you are having problems, but maybe you should check Coby's site for a update to fix that. I believe there is one available.