MIDnite 7" 2.2 for $209.50

i think its a goodx tablet it is the first tablet to be running android 2.2 so you might want to wait tell others come out but it is a good tablet for the price
Like others said...it is the Wits A81E. A good tablet and the first to have Android 2.2 and Flash out of the box. I do expect more to come in the future...so if it is nothing urgent you may consider waiting about 2-3 months.
Supposedly Wits A81e is about to get a g-sensor. So wait if gaming is important to you.
thanks everybody. I think I will wait awhile and see. I would like one with an hdmi out.
thought about the X5A? they run Android 2.1 and have 1080p hdmi out. Or for a cheap option the rockchip based smart pad has HDMI out.
I have a WITS A81E unit and can speak with some authority. (I opened it) It is prepared for a Accelerometer, S-Vid, Serial Port, and a few other options not available by default build. I have changed back and forth from the original 826 to CE to the 831 firmware.

All I can say is that if given a choice between my A81-E and my Archos 7 Home, I would choose the A81-E for features, and the Archos 7 for durability. If you are in a hurry for 2.2, this is available. and the latest firmware fixes many elements. But,I have no idea what differences the MIDnite has with the A81-E.