Mike Elgan: Hello, tablets. Good-bye, netbooks!


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Dec 23, 2009
Seven trends are conspiring to usher in a tsunami of tablets -- and sink netbooks

By Mike Elgan
December 11, 2009
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Computerworld - Look, I know you like the netbook idea -- and you love netbook prices. If you're like most people, you think tablets are expensive, slow, heavy and a pain to use. But if you've bought one, you know that netbooks aren't as great as they sound. And next year's tablets will be way better than you think.

Of course, everybody's talking about, hinting at and arguing over all the non-existent tablets of tomorrow. You've heard a lot about Apple's rumored tablet, for example, which could hit the market as early as March.

News broke recently that Apple has taken control of the TabletMac trademark. The tablet formerly known as CrunchPad (now unfortunately named the JooJoo) goes on sale today for $499. Asustek is said to be planning to launch a tablet based on the Eee PC. And Dell may show a touch-screen Android tablet at the the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, next month.

I'm sure this is one seafaring hazard metaphor too many, but all this tablet news is just the tip of the iceberg. You can expect small touch-screen tablets from all major vendors, and minor ones as well. To Read More, Click Here
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Yeah once they get the tablets working how they want them, i have a feeling netbooks will be a thing of the past. Tablets are very sleek, and they offer alot. (Or at least can offer alot, after seeing the disgraced ipad)
I don't think tablets will kill netbooks anymore than netbooks killed laptops. Sure they will grab many people who would mainly use their netbooks for consumption (browsing, videos and reading) and light content creation (chatting, blogging, etc), but people will still buy netbooks... and laptops... and desktops for that matter.
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