Multiple Rockchip RK2818 Tablets Come with 'Faked' Android 2.2 Builds Based on 2.1


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Jul 9, 2010
One of our moderators already has had a report of the fake Android 2.2 build (masked build.prop) of Android 2.1 on a generic 8" Android 2.1 Rockchip RK2818 tablet.

I received another report of a firmware release on a similar tablet. It is rumored that Rockchip is directly involved in this fraud, this time on a 7" RK2818 iPad clone.

While Rockchip's Android 2.1 build has elements of Android 2.2 built in (namely, JIT enabled), it is not Android 2.2 and will not run Android 2.2 applications despite what it says in the 'Settings->About' screen

You can find out what version of Android you have using ASI, and referring to the offical Android documentation for Android versions here: Build.VERSION_CODES | Android Developers, comparing the API level