New Firmware 4626 for the TC970...Somebody?


Dec 23, 2011

I forget to tell my experience with the firmware 4626
As I said. I had very problems with My TC-970, such as: Sleep of death and freeze up system
Since I installed the 4626, amazing thing...I use my tablet all day with none of that problems.
I found the system more stable, even when I push it with some tricky Apps like the MAME emulator
Ok, maybe the screen hangs in that app occasionally, but I just give one touch the power buttom quiclky and it works again!

I´m using the 4626 since 4 days and I think the Lepan crew fix many bugs. I believe my many rants messages served as something :D
Since I have no problems with "Sleep of death" anymore, I set up yesterday the screen to 2 minute to go to sleep, but I found that this makes the System more prone to freeze up, so I just back to the setting of 30 minutes...just to be sure (I spend some more battery, but what the heck).

Well, this is my testimony. Hope it helps someone
Cheers! :)


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May 21, 2011
nice to hear about the great outcome spikeman. i'm sure that will help a lot of folks.


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Jan 24, 2012
Beware this is _not_ an official, Le Pan sanctioned firmware version. It wasn't supposed to be publicly available.

Disclaimer apart, it seems to work fine, and they are fixing bugs slowly. Sadly they are now concentrating on the new tab models, and dropped version upgrade plans for the TC970. If you are brave enough to take the plunge, the binary files are here :

Leaked Firmware 4749 for the TC970 - DOWNLOAD LINK ( ** Link revised, Feb 9, 2012 ** )

^---- Post above updated, as the other download link was broken. This one works. ;)

Edit : Also added a mirror of the file in another server, for redundancy. Link on post above, or here :

MIRROR link in a different Host --> DOWNLOAD from Mirror HERE (** Mirror added, Feb 9, 2012 **)
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