New here need help nothing works, well nothing update wise


Oct 5, 2010
Hello, first i am not a total computer idiot, just an andriod idiot.

I have a gentouch, I can connect it to my computer ( vista 32 bit ). But it shows me several drives, only one will let me connect, the rest will say insert disk. the one drive g: only has a few thumb nails and pics in it. I do have a sd card in the GT that i can explore and see pics and stuff that are on the cardwhen i go on the GT, so g: is not the sd card. When i try augens usb update I installed the VtC driver. the instructions say to drag and drop the files.... what files? the VTC installer, and i can run it from the GT, but its not on the SD card. i guess the first problem is i need to be able to see the sd card

okay next i tried some of the other updates, the one with the OS files that you click on update and its supposed to open the command prompt and wait for the device. well the command prompt window opens and instanty closes, so it wont allow the GT to connect when i reset it ( return and reset button ).

Basicly i cant get this thing to connect enough to do anything. I also cant get the eclair to install any drivers. well it just says I got the eclair drive installed but nothing has changed, i still only get the thimbnail drive g: the other two say to install disk.

basicly I am stuck, where do i go from here?

Well i got in using pdanet and it seems i need to format the sd card everytime ( at least it works when i do ). when i format it and it automatically sees the card it will pop up on the computer and see drive f:. once i close the window i cant find it again until i format again.

so at least i am in.

now after 4 hours of trying to root it i am ready to scream...

i guess 5 hours of sleep, then up at 530 am and still up at 11 pm with a total of 9 to 10 hours messing with this thing can make you nuts. currently mainlining coca cola. and taking a break
Well i might have gotten it, i think i have pirate on it right now. well at least i had the pirate droid. i used droid explorer to flash clockwork to the recovery file, then i did a back up then i did the pirate update. we shall see
I know on my unit I have to unmount and eject the sd card before I connect the Gentouch to the usb port. Once the USB port is connected I re-insert the sd card and mount it to USB.