New ZT180 and syncing music


Sep 22, 2010
Hello folks!
I just picked up the zt180 and am kind of discouraged and need some insight. I am Mac user, with limited skills of the Mac OS. I am an avid Droid 1 and Droid X user with everything being straight forward out of the box. I am trying to sync music and photos to the zt180 using double twist, but the zt180 is recognized but does not have a USB mount action. I have searched through all the places I can think of activate this but to no avail. Doubletwist does see the zt180 as an HTC product and gives instructions on how to "mount" the device. but it appears that the function just does not exist on this tablet.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Do I return and go IPAD? I can't root easily because of using a Mac so that is not an option.

Thanks for your insight and help.



Senior Member
Nov 10, 2010
i plugged in a usb 2.0 stick into my zt-180 with firmware 1020 and using app "oi file manager" could see it under folder udisk.