Newbie here, need help


Jan 25, 2011
So I want a tablet and I found this:

10.2" ePad Android 2.1 Hdmi WiFi GPS MID Apad Tablet PC - eBay (item 250756106582 end time Feb-11-11 01:56:57 PST)

Now I told my mom that I wanted that for my birthday and it was a reasonable price. So is this a good tablet? Like anyone with it or have played with it? Or read enough about it?
Can I root and OC it, run custom ROMs like my Droid? (which I'm wanting to stop paying for after I get this tablet, need save money for a car!)

Can I talk to people with this tablet? Via Skype or anything better??

Anything else I should know? Remember this was a pretty far reach of a present so I can't get the galaxy or XOOM or anything like that. But for this price, please tell me your opinions, thank you!
Oh! I would also like to know if someone can send me a link to a cheaper seller on some site with exact same tablet. Because this is 200 and I think but not sure if it was the exact same device or what, but was for 180 with free shipping instead. I don't know how to really search "10.2" ePad Android 2.1 Hdmi WiFi GPS MID Apad Tablet PC". Is there a specific standard name for this tablet? Like " 10.2" ePad Tablet " more well known or what??

@.@ sorry!
For everything you list, that is a good price. You get what you pay for.
Ya I know that, but you know any of my other questions or your own opinions about this one specifically? Thank you:)
It is really hard to say. What you are looking at there is a pretty complete tablet, with a ton of features, for a VERY aggressive price. It looks like it has the right hardware, and it says it has an ARM processor. So for all that it looks good. The truth is though is that you are looking at a Chinese knock-off, and you will most likely have NO vendor support if it breaks (or if you break it).

By comparison, a brand-name tablet with the same hardware options is going to run you twice as much, so you need to make your own decision.
Thank you:)
So judging by your saying, I think it is a good tablet for its price and I'm excited to get my first tablet!

Can you answer my other questions?

Can I put custom ROMs on this tablet and can I call people and video chat with people somehow with it?
Looking at it (the specs and the ports), it is a copy of the FlyTouch2. There are tons of info on these blogs about that unit (aka Infortm X220, FlyTouch2, etc). Decent machine. Price is good. If you decide on one of these, keep an eye on these blogs for trouble shooting. If you buy from over the pond, service is weak and shipping is expensive. So keep that all in mind in your price target.

If I had any in stock, I would offer you one with US service!
Worse case scenario, it stops working and you can find someone on these blogs to help you out!

Chatting via messenger is OK.
Calls? Phone calls? No. It will not work as a phone.
Should be ok for Skype not normal mobile calls. I'm a newbie 2 & have decided to shell out for the branded Flytouch II with GPS, as they say you only get what you pay for.
If your a techy type then the guys & gals here will be able to assist you. Good luck whatever you decide. Cheers
Thanks guys, and I probably will need some help but I'm not a total newbie. I have a droid phone and I rooted it, flashed ROMs and themes and whatnot so hoping it's not to different.

Tweet_Ginger, what are you talking about the blogs and stuff on that unit, the Flytouch2 or the one I'm looking at? Thanks, and any links can help!
Ok guys so I've been told maybe I shouldn't buy this and just put in a little more money for the Nook Color, and root that and put android market on it.

I heard from a lot of people thats what is the best and want our opinions? But I also want a big 10" screen.