Pandigital Novel e-reader hacked, now works as a tablet


Dec 30, 2010
I have the Canadian new Black Version. It is open source, with Kobo as its main online book provider app installed. It is 1.5 cupcake tho, not a higher version of android. It is running like a tablet fine for me with no hacks involved. Tho installing apps with your sd cards is a pain they have provided a file explorer app in the very newest canadian open source update. No more hard booting with the volume up needed. Kobo provides a local option which is where all your books are hiding if people have not found them after placing them in their tablet. I have run through a variaty of apps, many work. Most earliest versions of the games and other apps work fine, even newer ones can, tho at a iphone size. Many of the chat/text apps fail to work I do find it hard to link it up in that way with out hacking it.

Remakably enough I will admit now the Kobo ereader app is more functionable then alkido. Since the newest update. They have added tiny tabs to page flip and stipp you can swipe, but why bother. Also I find reading in night version tends to give me more battery time, with the wifi off of course. Alkido now has each page needing to swipe back and forth to read, like it forgot how to word wrap.

They offer the Canadian firmware at their website. It is much better then the american one, IMO.

I had/have a EkenM100 that has a cracked screen after a series of unfortunate events. They make them so slippery. Prior to the most recent pandigital update I was still pining for the eken. It still works but can not re calibrate it. It has 3 different OS, this is a fully tricked out one bought that way through fleetwood digital. I can not claim its omph but it is a real shame I still need to wait to buy the new screen.
May 10, 2011
Does anybody know how to reverse this process. I'm wanting to go to the pandigital-supported one, but I have no clue how to return it to a state that will allow the pandigital firmware update to install.