Please Help and provide Info


Jul 31, 2010
Hello All,
I would like to purchase a tablet but have no idea which one. Could people help me with deciding which one to buy. I am looking for something I can listen to music with, use at work to take notes, read books, etc. I would like one that can be upgraded as the new versions of Android come out. If you have any iformation that will help it would greatly be appreciated.
Thank You :)

With just the wishes and info you provide, you could basically use any android tablet...
If you need more mem, heavier program caps, 3g or etc. you need to start selecting by options...
after that you select by price,
Finally you take yr top 3 (or 4 :) ), and look what the reviews and customer comments have to say.

Next you take yr pick!

No easier way to do it, take some time, and if possible go look and feel in a store (without buying it right away).
Think about it for a day or two, make up yr mind.

When you finally know what you want, you search the web for the best price (of course check as well), use ane means available (google, epinions etc)
ALSO take into consideration shipping, return policies and trustwothiness of the store.

Finally: buy and enjoy!