Problem with new TabEx Dragon Touch Android Tablet


Jun 27, 2011
Hello, I bought a Dragon Touch Tablet from Deal Dash back in November. It was fulfilled by The specs are as follows:
8 GB
Android 4.0
7 Inch
Tablet Express A10 Tablet
Model: MID0708W
This was bought as a Christmas present. When we started trying to use it on 12/25, we tried to plug it in with the standard charger that came with it. The problem was that the hole for the charger for the outer shell does not line up with the electronics hole on the inside. Therefore, the charger plug will not go into the hole. The "male" portion of the charger will not fit into the "female" portion of the tablet.
We tried charging it with a USB charger. After several days of trying, we are only able to get the charge up to about 65%.
Deal Dash refuses to answer my customer service requests.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this tablet to charge? In addition, does anyone have any experience dealing with Deal Dash and getting them to respond?

Thank you!